Past activities:

Academic Year 2018 - 2019

Feb 16, 2019

13th Annual CAJLS Workshop and Seminar at Southeast Japanese School

Guest Speakers: Dr. Hiroko Kataoka, Dr. Masako Douglas, and Dr. Kiyomi Chinen
Theme: “Effective Teaching Methods using Differentiated Instruction”

The California Association of Japanese language Schools (CAJLS) conducted our annual Seminar and workshop on February 16. The workshop is conducted yearly for the benefit of teachers who teach Saturday Japanese Language schools to improve and develop their teaching skills. The theme of this year’s workshop was “Effective Teaching Methods using Differentiated Instruction” conducted by professors from CSULB, Drs. Hiroko Kataoka, Masako Douglas, and Kiyomi Chinen. The morning session included lecture along with variety of examples to address k-12 learners of Japanese as a heritage language as well as students learning Japanese as a foreign language. The afternoon session included a breakout session divided by levels taught by the teachers. Each session was further divided into groups and each group developed lesson plans using the knowledge acquired in the morning lecture. Over 70 participants came from all over the Southern California area to learn and improve their skills.

The common problem facing many of the Japanese Language Schools is the reality of having to teach a variety of students in one classroom of varying ages, varying levels and abilities. Teachers need to know how to teach within such a setting in the most effective way. It is our hope that the teachers will return to their classrooms and apply the knowledge acquired at this workshop to improve Japanese Language education at their respective schools.

Academic Year 2017 - 2018

Feb 10, 2018

12th Annual CAJLS Workshop and Seminar at Southeast Japanese School

Guest Speaker: Mr. Yo Azama
Theme: “Build Your CORE: Effective Teaching Practices to Engage and Motivate Students.”

On February 10, 2018, the California Association of Japanese Language Schools held a Seminar/Workshop at Southeast Gakuen in Norwalk. The lecture was given by Mr. Yo Azama of North Salinas High School. Mr. Azama is a nationally recognized teacher of Japanese who has received numerous awards for his teaching.
Many teachers from outside the CAJLS members schools also attended this Seminar/Workshop. The theme was “Effective Teaching Practices to Engage and Motivate Students”. The lecture included examples for beginning level students as well as AP level students. Teachers learned a variety of techniques to motivate students and encourage active participation. The Workshop was an excellent learning opportunity for all who attended.

Academic Year 2016 - 2017

April 8-23

The Japanese Language Credit Test for the Academic Year 2016-17

The Japanese Language Credit Test Review

Level: J2
Grade: 10th
The test was easy. I studied a lot. I took the test to be able to prove that I am at a J2 level of Japanese proficiency. Benefits include being able to prove this and practicing my test-taking skills. I would recommend this test for hard working students looking to gain some credibility and bragging rights.

Level: J4
Grade: 12th
I was very nervous that the test is going to be difficult, but once I got started it become very easy. I took this test in order to earn my language credit for school. The test helped me to fully use my Japanese skills, which will most definitely benefit me in the future. I would definitely recommend this test to other students because you are able to see how much you have improved in your Japanese. You are also earning your language credit, so you won’t have to take a language at school!

Workshops / Seminars

Apr 1, 2017

Workshop at Hollywood Gakuen

How We Have Applied New Knowledge to Our Classroom
-what we learned from the annual workshop-

Feb 18, 2017

11th Annual CAJLS Workshop and Seminar at Southeast Japanese School

Lecturers: 9AM-12PM
Dr. Akira Kugaya, Psychiatrist, Ph.D.MD
Ms. Noriko Kim LMHC
How to manage the children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) /Asperger/high functioning Autism/LD.
In this session, Dr. Kugaya discussed the issues with ADHD children and explain what is ADHD, how to deal with ADHD children, presented available treatments, recommended food, and where help can be obtained.
Ms. Kim discussed how to interface children with ADHD in classrooms. Other specific approaches and procedures were discussed when facing the children.

Workshop: 1PM-3PM
Three workshops were conducted in the separate sessions:
(1) Ms. Tomomi Nagasako, Suika Preschool conducted how class can be taught by use of songs, crafts for kindergartners and lower elementary students.
(2) Ms. Kyoko Shoji, Notre Dame High School presented how Kanji can be learned by the use of certain websites and apps.
(3) Ms. Emily Kariya, Santa Monica High School showed how game software can be used to aid in the classrooms.

The questionnaires submitted by the participants indicated that a substantial people rated this workshop and seminar to be "Excellent". One constructive suggestion was to allow participants to attend all three workshops in series instead of conducting them simultaneously.

Sep 17, 2016

Workshop at Southeast Japanese School

Class management