The Yasashii Nihongo textbook series, which has four volumes- Introductory, Elementary, Intermediary, and Advanced - has been compiled by the CAJLS Textbook Compilation Committee during the period of 1990 through 1996, under the editorial supervision of Professors Toshio Tatsumi and Yutaka Uto- both of Bunkyo Women's College in Tokyo, Japan, published by Seibido Publishing Company (Tokyo, Japan).

The following chart shows the content for each textbook and their equivalent ACTFL level

CAJLS Exam Level Grade Yasashii-Nihongo Text Kanji(new) Vocabulary (new) ACTFL Level
Japanese 1 9th Introductory 0 242 Novice Low
Japanese 2 10th Elementary 32 454(212) Novice Mid
Japanese 3 11th Intermediate 82(50) 828(374) Novice Mid-High
Japanese 4 12th Advanced 168(86) 1,176(348) Novice High-Intermediate Low

List of Instructional Materials and Prices (Effective as of January 1, 2017)

Yasashii Nihongo Series
Textbooks Unit Price
Introductory Japanese $29.50
Elementary Japanese $28.00
Intermediate Japanese $28.00
Advanced Japanese $28.00
Tsuzukete Manabo $30.00
Complete set of 5 Textbooks $102.15

Workbooks Unit Price
Introductory - Hiragana Workbook $15.00
Introductory - Ohanashi Workbook $15.00
Elementary Japanese Workbook Vol 1 $15.00
Elementary Japanese Workbook Vol 2 $15.00
Intermediate Japanese Workbook $15.00
Advanced Japanese Workbook $15.00
Tsuzukete Manabo $15.00
Complete set of 7 Workbooks $81.00

Tapes and CD Unit Price
Introductory Japanese CD $13.00
Elementary Japanese CD $13.00
Elementary Japanese Tape $8.00
Intermediate Japanese Tape $8.00
Advanced Japanese Tape $8.00

Teachers Manuals Unit Price
Introductory/Elementary Japanese Teachers Manual - Japanese Version $45.00
Introductory/Elementary Japanese Teachers Manual - English Version $45.00
Intermediate/Advanced Japanese Teachers Manual - Japanese Version $45.00
Intermediate/Advanced Japanese Teachers Manual - English Version $45.00
Tsuzukete Manabo - Japanese Version $40.00
Complete set of 5 Teachers Manuals $162.00

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